Laura Tondi
Laura Tondi - Active Brain

Writer and photographer for passion, natural born creative and curious. 


I would never be the person I am without my Canon Eos 7D, Kung Fu teachings, Chuck Palahniuk, Jim Jarmusch, science fiction movies, the abuse of cliffhangers in the TV series and all the people I’ve met along my path.


I love questioning everything and my works are always the result of research, starting from the entire until the piece, from the superficial until the deep. I like to play with symbols.


Born in a little village in Italy, graduated with a master degree in Public, Politic and Social Communication at the University of Bologna, I started working as a web content editor in 2007. In 2011 I started working as a photographer and photo editor. I’ve moved to Amsterdam in 2013, and I work in Social Media for an important company.