Paris, November 2015

I remember, when I was a child, my grandma always told me that fear is used by human beings to avoid dangers. My grandma, that lived through World War II with her own home invaded by German soldiers, and the opposite building of her house used as a hideout of the Partisans. My grandma, that every day she was used to waking up and prevent my grandfather and his attitude from being killed by the soldiers who had violated her family sphere. And then, normally, she was used cooking the lunch and put everyone at the table, with my aunt, unaware little girl, incited the soldiers to play. My grandma, that admirable woman, that brave woman who still believed in God, being sure all that horror would lead to a better world, that woman who still believed in a possible peace. I'm kind of glad that she died years ago, and she's not living these further tragedies. Because frankly, I don't know how I would tell her now fear is no longer a means of protection, but it's a weapon of mass destruction. I really don't know how I would tell her that we have been robbed of one of our most noble sentiments.

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