February 28, 1909 - March 8, 1917

I met so many women.

Women who devote their lives to care for fathers, husbands and sick children.

Women who have suffered violence from fathers, husbands and sons mad.

Women who have lost their lives to give birth to a child.

Women who defeated incurable diseases with the only soul force.

Women who have seen their children die, and the only soul force can appeal to survive.

Women fighting in the streets, in the courts, in the workplace, in homes, for rights that men are taken for granted.

Women who are strong in each other when no other is left to hold on.

Women who always find the strength to still believe in dreams, to love again, to protect rather than to protect themselves.

Women who mocked and belittled, they are still fighting day after day with the same vigor.

Women who carry on the body the signs of the time, with their scars, their wrinkles and white hair, but for this even more beautiful, and proud of their victories as well as defeats.

To these women I want to dedicate 8 March. To all those I know and to those I do not know.

To those who I carry in my heart, and to those in which the heart has been broken.

To those who were not born women, but who nevertheless are.

To all I extend my best wishes for this March 8.

Laura Tondi

March 8, 2012

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